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  • Technical Support and training to the mentor field for continuous quality improvement.
  • Provide support to regional mentoring coalitions.
  • Provide a website featuring a database of mentoring programs, as well as educational resources, and calendar of events.
  • Partner with the research community to initiate and conduct rigorous California-based research on youth mentoring.
  • Host state gatherings to advance California’s youth mentoring efforts.
  • Initiate marketing to increase mentoring awareness and financial support.



In alignment with our mission, the California Mentoring Partnership has
partnered with MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership to provide no-cost Technical Assistance (T.A.) to California-based programs, as part of the National Mentoring Resource Center (NMRC).

In 2015, 43 organizations received over 1,200 service hours of training
and technical assistance support from CMP consultants.

California T.A. is operated by Erika Green at Center for Applied
Research Solutions, and is managed by Judy Taylor.

Because of the shortage of trainers available in other states, California-based consultants have also provided their services in Utah, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Maryland, and Wyoming.

To find out more about how your program can receive T.A. support, go to

Click here for some handy tips when submitting your request: [link to attached pdf]

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As our program evolves we will be publishing a wide array of resources here on our website. Contact us at with any questions you might have.


Youth mentoring occurs when a caring adult offers guidance and support to a young person. It can happen in a variety of contexts. In fact, most adults have been an informal mentor to a young person at one time or another and may not have even realized it.

Mentoring has been shown to be a powerful way to help young people achieve their potential, and MENTORING:

Mentee & Mentor at Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance.

Can improve a youth’s attitude towards parents, teachers and peers.
Focuses on the importance of education.
Helps mentees to navigate daily challenges.
Provides a positive structure for free time.
Highlights options for career paths.
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questions you might have.


Work will be conducted through a combination of:

  • Administrative and technical assistance staff from California Center for Youth Development and Health Promotion, Center for Applied Research Solutions, Mentor Management Systems, and Friends for Youth.
  • Regional support of local coalitions.
  • Partnership with California-based mentoring researchers.
  • Statewide gatherings.

A major focus will be to support to mentoring programs by working with regional mentoring coalitions, as well as providing research and materials on mentoring best practices though the CMP website. In addition to web-based resources, assistance will be furnished to mentoring coalitions and programs by a pool of seasoned technical assistance providers.

Implementation of a survey that will help CMP to obtain information about active mentoring programs, including types of services, model of mentoring, population served, and current needs.
Outreach to existing mentoring coalitions.


The California Mentoring Partnership’s mission is to act as an advocate for the advancement of effective mentoring by encouraging, developing, strengthening, and sustaining quality mentoring programs throughout the state.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Create and manage database of California programs.
  • Develop online platform to provide programs with educational resources   and event notifications, as well as for potential volunteers to find   appropriate programs.
  • Furnish no - or low-cost technical support and training to the mentor field, based on research-based best practices.
  • Partner with the research community to initiate and conduct rigorous California-based research on youth mentoring.
  • Host periodic state gatherings to provide education to mentoring organizations, and to inspire and re-energize program staff.
  • Initiate marketing to increase the awareness of mentoring activities, and to   put out the call for volunteer mentors and financial support.
Contact us at with any
questions you might have.


The Results are In! 2015 Mentor Program Survey

CMP is proud to announce the release of the 2015 California Mentoring Survey Report, administered and analyzed in partnership with the UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families and Communities. Our survey reached 123 California mentoring programs, yielding valuable information about the state of mentoring in California. Results can be used at the local, statewide, and national level, to inform program operations and to help build greater support for our mentoring movement.

Click here to view/download the report.

California Mentor Programs Successfully Surveyed: 2016


We are pleased to share with you the 2016 CMP Infographic that provides results of the 2016 National Mentor Program Survey conducted by MENTOR. The infographic presents the survey results collected from California.Thanks again to those of you that participated in the survey and shared important information about mentoring in our state.We hope this will be a helpful tool as you promote mentoring in your cities and communities. Contact your local Coalition with inquiries for customized results, and we will do our best to support your needs.

National Mentor Month is January!

Each January the nation celebrates mentoring with National Mentor Month.  It is an opportunity to raise awareness about mentoring.  Take a moment, thank someone that mentored you and consider paying it forward by mentoring someone else.  One way you can also help is communicate with your national, state and local elected officials about the importance of mentoring. They need to hear from you that Mentoring Matters! Check out the tools at MENTOR that can help make the most out of National Mentor Month.

Funder Survey and Golden Bear Award

We are calling for nomination of businesses and organizations leading the way in the support of mentoring throughout California. CMP would like to recognize these statewide champions with a "Golden Bear of Mentoring" Certificate. This important acknowledgement of their contributions will begin during National Mentoring Month, January 2019.

There are two ways we need you to get involved. First complete a short survey to shine a light on those that are impacting mentoring in your area. Secondly nominate someone, a company or funder for the first inaugural Golden Bear of Mentoring Certificate. We've made it simple to do both, at the end of this short survey you can place multiple nominations for those investing in California mentoring efforts.
Click here to participate.


Looking to become a mentor or looking for a mentor for a young person?  Well Mentor Connector is the place  to get you started. Mentor Connector is a directory of mentoring programs for you to search to find the ideal place to volunteer or to find a mentor. If you are a mentoring program you can also register your program to be included in
the database.

Finding the right program is important and signing up to be a mentor takes some time. You will contact the program and follow their application process including a background check.  Safety is a top concern for our mentoring programs. Finding a mentor also takes some time, some programs have waiting lists and they want to make sure they make a good match.

Check out the three links below to find a mentor, be a mentor or register your program:

Find a mentor >Become a mentor >Register your program >