Expert Services for the Mentoring Field

CMP has a high-quality track record of more than 25 years of training, technical assistance, program evaluation, and other support services to the youth mentoring field. CMP offers services to youth mentoring programs at no cost whenever possible, and we also provide more extensive assistance on a fee basis.

Additionally, we provide fee-based training and support for adult mentoring efforts in corporations, businesses, universities, public agencies (such as federal and state government, and military), and for organizations providing mentoring services for vulnerable adult populations (such as the homeless and recently released prisoners).

Interested in our services or have a question? Please contact Jerry Sherk for more information.

Lean Budget?

If your budget is tight, we encourage you to request our no-cost services! CMP can also explore building a partnership with you for more extensive services--together we can identify funding that will help to support your mentoring effort!

No-Cost and Affordable Youth Mentoring Services

CMP offers an array of services to new youth mentoring efforts, as well as to established programs that wish to improve their mentoring operations.

We are pleased to announce that our seasoned CMP mentoring consultants are able to provide no-cost training and consulting services through the California Prevention Initiative (CPI). CPI supports programming for the prevention of substance use disorders among California youth and views mentoring as an important strategy, so California mentoring programs can request up to 32 hours of assistance per year through CPI. For programs that have more extensive needs, we also offer fee-based services at an affordable rate.

Please contact Jerry Sherk for more information, or click below to request no-cost assistance.

Request no cost assistance:

Program Development, Technical Assistance, and Training

Our experienced providers can assist in the following areas (and many others):

  1. Program design and development, including envisioning your program’s mentoring model.
  2. Creation of program policies and procedures.
  3. Training curriculum development and facilitation for mentors, mentees, and parents.
  4. Customized technical assistance to improve or expand any aspect of your mentoring program.
  5. Staff training on management and operations in the areas of recruiting, screening, training, matching and initiation, monitoring and support, and match closure (see sample list of workshops below)
  6. Program evaluation plans and tools
  7. Ongoing program support

Our Most Popular Youth Mentoring Workshops

Mentoring 101 for Program Staff
Using Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring
Targeted Recruitment for Mentors and Mentees
Conducting Mentor and Mentee Trainings
Designing and Implementing Group Mentoring
Developing Policies and Procedures
Creating Group Mentoring Curriculum
Screening Program Participants
Promoting Cultural Diversity
Spontaneous Mentoring
Trauma Informed Mentoring Strategies
Developing Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Efforts
Discussing Difficult Issues
Teaching Effective Communication Skills
Risk Management for Mentoring Programs

Contact Jerry Sherk, for a full list of training topics or to request a customized workshop!

Expert Program Evaluation:

  1. Data tracking.
  2. Quantitative analysis.
  3. Qualitative analysis.
  4. Interpretation and reporting of results for stakeholder interests.

Mentor Recruitment, Background Checks, and Volunteer Management Software:

In collaboration with Be A Mentor, Inc., the California Mentoring Partnership helps funnel interested volunteers into mentoring programs, and we assist organizations in tracking those volunteers once placed with your program. These services are offered at a discounted rate for CMP-affiliated programs (limited time offer!), and the services are flexible, according to the needs of each individual program. An overview of services includes the following:

  1. Program receives new mentors via CMP recruitment efforts.
  2. Criminal background screening, including DOJ and FBI.
  3. Manage volunteer documents and information on a quality Volunteer Management Software system.
  4. Program retains control over background check results, onboarding process, mentor training and selection, and mentor management.

Adult and Workplace Mentoring, Fee-Based Services

Our consultants have over 20 years of experience in the field of workplace mentoring.  CMP can provide program development, training and support to companies, businesses and governmental agencies interested in creating or improving formal or informal workplace mentoring programs. Our consultants assist by:

  1. Assessing organizational needs.
  2. Developing your mentoring program model.
  3. Training staff on program operations and management.
  4. Creating and providing mentor and mentee trainings.
  5. Providing ongoing program support.

Spontaneous Mentoring Workshops!

Our consultants facilitate workshops on “spontaneous mentoring” for adults, which promotes mentoring relationships in your organization without implementing and staffing a formal program. Also known as “informal mentoring” and “mentoring in the moment,” this model teaches both mentors and mentees the benefits of spontaneous mentoring, along with strategies for engaging their fellow employees.