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CMP Seeking California Mentoring Programs as Research Partners

Do you have a mentoring program you are proud of? Are you interested in examining its impact in more depth? Do you want to be part of the formal body of research on mentoring in California? The California Mentoring Partnership wants to partner with you to do just that!

Our Research Workgroup is developing new research studies and identifying funding sources to further a California-driven research agenda for mentoring in our state. Funding opportunities often have a short turnaround time, and it can be tough for researchers to connect with the right programs in time to meet the deadlines.

To help overcome this barrier, we are creating a database of programs that are interested and able to participate in a variety of studies. Complete our survey here, which will help us understand your program, your interests in research, and your capacity to participate.

Once completed, we’ll keep you on our A-list and reach out as soon as an appropriate opportunity comes up.

Thanks in advance for your participation and partnership!

Fall 2020 News

Virtual Mentoring Platform Available through Be A Mentor

Be A Mentor offers virtual mentoring as part of its Volunteer Management System. This system is unique in the mentoring field in that it gives full control to the program coordinator.  Through this platform, the coordinator is able to select mentors from a pool of background-cleared individuals by assessing specific skills, interests, and time availability. The program coordinator is also able to calendar virtual mentor/mentee match meetings. Additionally, staff has the option to provide virtual materials for mentors and mentees to work on. Zoom is embedded in this fully managed system for virtual meetings.  For more information, please send an inquiry to

CMP Monthly Roundtables—Open to All!

For the past few months, CMP has been conducting Zoom Roundtables to address the many issues surrounding the Covid crisis, including its impact on youth mentoring programs. Representatives from youth development organizations from all over the state have been participating--we have had as many of 60 attendees on the call. During these monthly convenings, in addition to discussing best practices for virtual mentoring, we address systematic racism and steps organizations can take to strengthen their antiracism efforts.  (As a result of these discussions, CMP has developed an active Racial Justice Workgroup.) Roundtables are held from 1:30 to 3:00 PM the second Wednesday of each month, and they are open to everyone, so spread the word! To register, please go to the landing page and click on the registration link.

Featuring Low Cost Volunteer Screening Available During the Covid-19 Crisis

During the Covid-19 crisis, screening mentors can be much more difficult, because LiveScan and other screening process must be done in person. Be A Mentor is offering a low-cost, remote volunteer screening opportunity through Secure Volunteer.

  • Total cost $40 - no additional rolling fee - no additional report fee to get the results
  • Easy process from computer or mobile device
  • More thorough than CA DOJ/FBI Reports
  • Ongoing monitoring for subsequent arrests
  • Volunteers can pay by debit/credit card -  OR - Agency can be billed

For more information, please click on the link below.

Changes in Program Actitives During Covid-19 Outbreak

The Leadership Team of the California Mentoring Partnership hopes that you and yours stay safe during the Coronavirus Pandemic! We also understand that the way programs do business, including the methods used by mentors and mentees to stay in touch, will change because of the requirements of social distancing. During this trying time, CMP will continue to update California Mentoring programs with tips sheets and strategies that will address the changing face of youth mentoring in our state. Please go to our resources page for pertinent documents under: "National Resources."

Opportunity for Free Virtual Mentoring Via

During the Coronavirus Outbreak, many programs are looking for ways that their matches can meet virtually. One possibility is to enlist the services of This organization provides the technology for mentors and mentees to communicate online, and monitors the communications --and they do so at no cost. Matches can connect by email, and mentees can also choose to complete an interactive online curriculum, while aided by their mentor. The curriculum takes them on a quest, chosen by the mentee. In the future, the organization is going to add video conferencing. Mentees must be 13 or older and have access to the Internet and a device.  Participating programs manage their own screening and matching. To find out more, please go to to review their services.  For a comprehensive overview, check out this PDF:

Note on on 4.02.2020 A California mentoring program contacted us and said that they had recently been in touch with -- this organization was asked to fill out a form, and then they were told that Icouldbe could only serve a limited number of mentoring programs. Upon further research we found this statement about their services: "Based upon external funding the program will be available initially to a limited number of participants through the end of June, 2020 (and through the summer if needed)."

National Mentoring Month Activities

January is National Mentoring Month! Below are some of the state and national celebrations and themes happening statewide and nationally.

January, 2020- Golden Bears of Mentoring Awards.  Check out our 2019 awardees and send in your nominations for 2020!

January, 2020 - California Virtual Hill Day. Our CA effort to mobilize and raise awareness for the power of mentoring with your elected officials and decision makers. Click here for the toolkit: CMP NMM Virtual Hill Day

January 14, 2020 - Big Brothers Big Sisters NMM State Proclamation

January 17, 2020 - International Mentoring Day. A day of international conversation on social media where photos, videos, and messages of powerful mentoring stories are shared.

January 20, 2020 - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service. A day to share in the inspirational words of Dr. MLK, Jr. and elevate the spirit of service through volunteerism.

January 29 - January 31, 2020 - MENTOR National Mentoring Summit

January 30, 2020 - #ThankYourMentor Day

We know that many of you have scheduled local activities to bring attention to the powerful impacts of mentoring, and we'd like to hear about them.  Email us at with your events and we'll post them on social media. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay connected to CMP and other California mentoring programs.