Mentoring Roundtable

Mentoring Roundtable #7: Confronting Covid and Racial Injustice

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Date: October 14, 2020
Time: 1:30 - 3:00 PM

As our state and nation continue to grapple with crises impacting youth and families in our communities, CMP would like to gather the California Mentoring Community for a seventh monthly Roundtable (on Zoom). During our July session, we provided breakout rooms that focused on two major issues: 1. How to pivot to virtual mentoring services, and 2. Advancing the racial equality/antiracism movement.  July’s meeting helped us to identify needs of virtual mentoring programs, and we also gained enthusiasm (and actual members) for CMP’s Racial Justice Workgroup.  Prior to our August Roundtable, it became obvious that service providers (and of course, the general public) are feeling the pressure.  Stress has a cumulative effect, and with Covid, the lockdown, schools shutting down, lack of adequate childcare, financial distress, more reports of child abuse and domestic violence, and racial injustice – it’s normal for everyone to feel a great deal of tension and anxiety. So, for our August meeting, we brought in trauma-informed care expert Dana Brown, of San Diego.  Dana started us off by conducting a mindfulness visualization; this five-minute centering session helped attendees to relax and to become more focused on the tasks at hand; the result was one of our best Roundtables, to date! During the upcoming September Roundtable, we want to continue to identify what we all can do to help each other to provide effective virtual services, as well as to determine concrete next steps in our mutual fight for racial justice. Feel free to share information about this meeting with your mentoring colleagues.  The more voices we can engage, the more robust our conversations will be. Everyone is welcome!

In solidarity, California Mentoring Partnership